Chemung Valley Old Timers Association, Inc.
 Est. 1977

The Chemung Valley Old Timers Was started by a group of local guys interested in antique Tractors and Engines. All though most of them have passed on to the Big show in the sky, their memory lives on! They made this show possible, and we continue to put on a great show year after year in their honor! 

Our Association is dedicated to the preservation of history. To show times gone by. We are trying to capture life in rural America and Farm Country USA. Also how things were made and forged out of Steel and Iron in Foundries, Mills, & General Stores. The end of the wagon train and the begining of the steel wheel. This and so much more is what brought all of us here today. We want both the Old and the Young to come away from our show with a knowledge of the past. Some of the old to come away with memories of a leaner more back breaking time and the young to come away with the history of B.C. (BEFORE COMPUTER). Our club believes in the preservation of Old Iron and Equiptment of Farm, Foundry, Mill, Home, Shop, and any other item that will help complete our history in motion displays and such. Tractors, Antique gas engines, Steamers, Antique tools, Old implements and machinery. Our club welcomes any and all who are willing to express and share the knowledge and preserve the history in motion with the antique, equipment or apperatus they see fit.

We are a Non-Profit Organization! Our membership is open to the public! Money made at our show every year is used to put on our show the following year for our community! Any all donations are greatly appreciated!